Saturday, July 27, 2013

Appreciation Lunch Project

As promised - a bit more about my luncheon for my #1 Gals :)   Not everyone could make it but for the eight that were there, here is the project we made right before we ate.  I found these adorable little vases at a local 99 cent store and thought they were just so cute and the perfect size to add our SU Bloomin' Bouquet kit flowers to for a special little gift. 
 So here's the sorting and prepping process as I get the kits ready for the attendees.
And here's our finished product.  Each one of them had five flowers - three large and two small - in a variety of colors - though the colors varied a bit.  They came together so easily since SU put pretty much everything you needed in the kit.  They pretty much completely assembled with glue dots and a small bit of red sticky tape for the stems.  Since all had yellow and orange tones in them - we then decorated the vase a bit with some Tangerine Tango and Daffodil Yellow accents - the could pick from a variety of sayings to add to the front of their vases. Then we added some iridescent shred in the vase to kind of hold the flowers in place; and then our flowers.
So what do you think? Cute huh!?!   I really thought they were - and I think I'll make up a few extras - just to give our as RAKs in the future.  Stop back soon.  ~Maureen

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