Friday, July 26, 2013

Downline #1 Appreciation Lunch

Quick note:  I want you to know the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated :)  I had an amazing time last week at Convention, but very little access to computer time.  Was set in my mind to blog, blog, blog when I got home - but most of my time since I got back has been in bed with a fever, headache, aches and when I was not in bed I was pretty much throwing up or on the toilet.  Saw my Dr. today and she thinks I possibly have that Cyclospora this is breaking out all over the country.  I guess I picked it up somewhere on my travels. It's a parasite, so thank God I am not contagious; but she has put me on Zofran for my dizziness and nausea and antibiotics to knock out the bug.  Crazy huh!! Just wanted you to know I am still here  --  now back to blogging - I'm a couple weeks behind so Convention stuff will be coming soon.  ~Maureen
So today I wanted to share some pictures from my downline appreciation luncheon last weekend.  I have a great group of women who signed up under me - so once a year I have a lunch just for them.  Here are the tables all set up and ready for them to arrive.  Yellow is my favorite color and the tables looked so cheery with the yellow and daisies!
 Each table had a couple jars of Albanese gummy bears -they are absolutely the best and a great sweet treat for my gals.
 Stop back tomorrow for more about this lunch!  ~Maureen

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