Sunday, December 18, 2011

Secret Sister Gifts - Part 7

So today I want to share what I gave my Secret Sister - first here is the package all wrapped up and ready to go. 
 A close up of the tag -

But the real trick was that my Secret Sister was my daughter Heidi.  All year long I had to try and keep it a secret and it was tough. She says she knew from the style - but I'm not really sure she did :)
Here Heidi is with her gift from Santa Mom!
A close up of the magnet board.
A close up a tool Lazy Susan for her scissors, stylus', bone folders and more!  I use one of these and LOVE it!            Hope she likes it too!
All of the gifts I gave Heidi this year coordinated - you can see the other items here -
and here -

Thanks for stopping by - I have another great gift item to show you tomorrow - so stop back  ~Maureen

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