Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Convention Buddy Gifts

So each year our group in that goes together has a tradition of making buddy gifts for each other. This year there were six of us in our group at the hotel. First is me with the gift I made everyone - the photo album. You can see a better picture of it here - http://crazystampinglady.blogspot.com/2011/07/conv-hotel-buddy-gifts.html

Here is Maria with her gift for everyone - This adorable chipboard box covered with DSP and inside - a STARBUCKS CARD - woo hoo!!Next is Julie with her gift for everyone - She made everyone these amazing lanyards to hold our nametags out of our SU fabric.Next is Heidi with her gift for everyone - Chocolate - plus -She made us each these great "Queen for a day" wands - And here's Christel with her great gift for everyone - She decorated our SU tin boxes with DSP and it was filled with tealights and they smell wonderful!!

Finally here is Theresa with her gift for each of us - She used our SU die to make these wonderful little boxes filled with Ghiridelli squares - YUM!!

It was sooo much fun exchanging gifts with this group of talented ladies!!! Thank you all soooo much!


Penny Hanuszak said...

Wow awesome gift exchange. They all look so wonderful and so much fun! Thanks for sharing.

Dale Morin said...

What great gifts! Thanks for sharing them.

Shari Winterstein said...

A very talented group ladies. Thanks sharing their talents with all of us.

Patti said...

Great gifts. Not only did SU shower you with great things, but your friends did too.

Unknown said...

Everyone of those ladies are talented. Thanks so much for sharing.