Monday, September 6, 2010

September Downline Challenge Cards

So this month Heidi (our winner from last month - set our challenge. We had to make a Halloween card that was all black and white - except for using a spotlighting section that could have color. Not everyone followed the rules perfectly - but I am so glad they all showed their cards as they were terrific.
The first cards was our WINNER - it was Shawna's card - so she won our prize and she gets to pick our challenge for next month - what a great card! Next is Valerie's card - notice the cute little bubbles from the calderin are colored - don't think I got a great picture of that as it is hard to see. The next card is from Kathy B - loved her watercolored spotlit area -
This card stepped outside the rules - but what a great card - I'm so glad she did it- this one is from Julie - -
Here's another great card and this one was strictly by the rules - nice job Toni!!
And our final card with these adorable little owls was made by Bobbie - so cute - the black layer is embossed with our spider embossing folder in case you can't see it.
Great cards ladies - and sooooo much fun. The purpose of our challenges is to help everyone think outside the box and step it up a notch and I LOVE seeing what everyone comes up with each month.

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