Wednesday, September 1, 2010

CSL of the Month - Heidi - A little late!

Okay - so bare with me as I introduce my next CSL of the month - I'm probably a little partial to this one as she's my baby :) But I'll try not to gush too much. Heidi is the 3rd CSL I'm profiling, and it was supposed to be posted on Aug. 15 - but she was just sooooo busy taking care of my 3 grandbabies that she wasn't able to get me the info till a couple days ago. I am glad she has her priorities straight - so I'll forgive her. But here she is - better late than never. Heidi joined our group of Crazy Stamping Ladies on August 21, 2006 - just one day before her first child, Kamili, was born. She is a classic OVER-ACHIEVER and I think that will show through in the samples of her work below. So, just like with the previous profiles, I asked Heidi to answer a few questions, and then share 5 pictures of her work that reflect her style - so here you go - meet Heidi:
1) Tell us a bit about your family.
I have an amazing and crazy family! I am married to a (most of the time) wonderful man and have three (wild) kids. A 4 yr old~who has a bit of a diva complex, 2 1/2 yr old~she is rough and tough but the first one to snuggle up, and 5 month old~who is my little man.
2) What's your favorite stamp set in the current catalog or mini?
I can't pick one~when I was little people would ask me what my favorite color is, and I would answer "rainbow" So here we go...
Welcome Christmas~because it reminds me of my childhood
Just Believe~because it is beautiful and versatile
Homegrown~Again something to do with growing up
Every Moment~I love the clean lines with the soft images
Teeny Tiny Wishes~because how can you go wrong with all of those sayings

3) What's your favorite color family?
This is tough~going back to the rainbow answer you can see why. Before the color renovation, I would have said hands down...Earth Elements, but since it is the only group they got rid of, I can't really say that! And the Rich Regals were hands down my least favorite group. BUT now I would lean towards that as number 1, with brights and neutrals in close second!
4) Why do you love stamping and Stampin' Up!
I think I am yet to find something creative I don't like. Stamping allows me to to amazing things with paper and ink, and simple quick things as well. I love how much or how little time you can put into stamping and it still comes out beautiful! For me, I love that Stampin' Up! is with the trends and remains so loyal to it's customers and demonstrators.
5) Anything else you'd like us to know about you?
I am an interior designer and love to do things a little different. I am not good at casing or copying an idea, I love to come up with my own creations. I especially love making my own new boxes and flowers

So here is Heidi's work -

I think it speaks for itself - to see more of her amazing work check out her blog -
Love you Heidi - so glad you're a CSL!

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