Thursday, September 2, 2010

3D Flower Stamping Class

Last weekend Heidi ( and I teamed up to do a 3-d Flower class - and we all had such a great time. We wanted to show some ideas, have them do some of the flowers, and then complete some take-away projects and we were successful in that endeavor. We also wanted to complete it all in 2 1/2 hours - wellllllll - that was not as successful and we went over about 45 minutes - but I hope no one minded. Each attendee also received a resource sheet of blogs, websites, and more regarding paper flower making.

So throughout the week I'll be showing some of what we did at that class. Here are the first couple - we did one of these great carnations using Whisper White cardstock and our scallop circle punch. Punch 6-8 layers, sponge the edges, spritz till wet, crumple, uncrumple carefully, connect in center with a brad, crumple each into the center individually, then gently unfold each layer and let dry - voila! We put it on top of a cute little treat container filled with pillow mints. Here are a couple samples - the first just as I described, and the 2nd sponged after it was made - the coloring does give it a different look. A bonus is that when these dry they are stiff and do not crumple easily - so they stand up great. The second demonstration (each person just did one petal to see how it is done) is this flower made from 10 circles just folded to make petals and then attached to a circle base. So pretty. Check back again for more of the great flowers we did and check out the upcoming events link at the top of this blog to see info on our next class; vintage and distressing and plan to join us.

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