Friday, September 24, 2010

Sept SSS Gift - Just One More!

I know - I thought that was it - but guess what - we have one more SSS gift this month. Gifts can be dropped off at my home for Secret Sis's and a couple nights ago, when I looked out, this was out there. Sometimes I hold the gift to our next downline meeting, but that's a couple weeks - so I let Julie know someone had dropped something off for her. But before I put it back out, I got some pics- First the bag it came in - these leaves are soooo cool looking - looks like when you get them in the midwest in the fall, and press them - lovely. (This set is in my next order - can't wait!) Sorry the picture is dark, but it's late - the others are a bit better.This is what was inside - a jar of CANDY CORN - yum. It's decorated on every side and the top. Nice job.

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