Friday, August 6, 2010

Downline Convention Gifts

Tomorrow is my first downline meeting with my Level 1 group since convention and here's what I'm giving everyone who was not able to join me. It's the adorable tote that was in Momento Mall - I wrapped it with ribbon and added a little gift card made with the Momento Mall stamp we could buy - I hope they like them. Here's a close up of the card - I love that stamp!...and for the eight in my downline that were able to join me you ask? Well they get this card and inside a CHECK!! That's right - for any one in my first and second downlines that attends a Regional, Leadership or Convention event - they get a reimbursement check based on a percentage of their sales for the past 12 months - how great is that!!

If you'd like more information on joining my downline of Crazy Stamping Ladies and earning money toward next year's Convention- contact me NOW! Here's a few of the card together getting ready for their checks :)

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