Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's Still My Birthday :)

Hi All - well tonight we are finally finding time to celebrate my birthday as a family by going out to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant. We're also going to be doing a family celebration of Kamili's birthday - which is August 22nd. So should be fun. Seems like my birthday just keeps going - so I wanted to share a few more cards I received. Here is a beautiful card from Theresa -so my style - And this lovely one from Sandy -
This cute "beary" one from Pat -
And this bright and cheery one from Maria -
Thank you all for the wonderful cards and birthday thoughts. I also wanted to share this cute birthday gift from my friend Elaine - she did a little tie and embellishment around a couple of kitchen towels. I LOVE kitchen towels -and try to match them to the season, etc., so I love these. She also did this adorable little box with a Starbucks gift card inside - also a FAV of mine. Thanks so much Elaine.
So here's a picture of the cards I received from family and friends this year and I have a few more at work - how fun is that! Thank you all! Makes getting older a little easier :)

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Beebeebabs said...

Beautiful cards thanks for sharing!