Monday, September 5, 2016

I LOVE THIS!!! - Personal Post Monday

The weather is perfect here right now - in the low 80's - not a cloud in the sky - light breezes and really, really low humidity.  I'm not sure if fall is here for good - but it sure is starting to feel like it.  And I am loving it!!
We've been spending a bit more time out in the yard - just enjoying the weather.  This summer Paul put in several little trails on our property to make it easier to wander through the trees, etc.  In two of the spots we've stuck a bench, and in one of the others a picnic table.  So nice to sit, relax and enjoy the birds, etc.
Our morning glories are just amazing right now - above they are climbing up the birdhouse, and below they are all along our split rail fence surrounding the garden.

This is our backyard, and we have these amazing shrubs flowering all along them.  Not even sure what they are, but they are lacy and beautiful with a light fragrance.  The birds and the bees love them.
 Here they are close up and in some areas we have this other vine with the orange/yellow flowers.
 Here is my white hibiscus blooming.  I also have two purple ones, but the buds aren't open yet.
 Not sure what this tree is below, but it is full of fluffy pink tinged blossoms.
  And then all around our home these little guys are in bloom.
  Just loving every minute of this retired life - and enjoying the blessings God has given us.  Enjoy your Labor Day!! ~Maureen

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