Monday, August 3, 2015

Personal Post Monday - things that made me smile!

So today's post is not stamping or crafty related - it is just personal.  I am having a tough time with our move, missing my girls and their families.  My health with my autoimmune has been really acting up, and I just can get everything unpacked and put away.  Paul is working so hard - but there are just so many things I need to do. And I can't really get active in my Stampin' Up! business till I can get it unpacked - yikes!!  But I know I am so blessed still, and just wanted to share a couple things that made me very happy this week.  The first is this gorgeous crocheted tablecloth.  We unpacked a box with it in and I had, had it packed up for years and had forgotten about it.  It was given to my hubby and I by my  in-laws for our wedding to drape on the alter at the front of the church, and it looked lovely.
It was made by one of my husband's grandmothers (we're trying to track down that information).  After the wedding she asked me to keep it - and it was a beautiful gesture and gift to me.  Below you can see the detail - it is beautifully made.  So putting it on my table this week really made me happy.
The second really great thing this past week was this peach tree.  It is loaded with peaches and they are starting to ripen.  Paul and I draped netting over the entire tree this week to keep the birds away as the fruit ripens.  I hope it works - as I am soooo looking forward to canning homemade peach jam.  Just the thought makes my mouth water.  Last year Jenee said the tree didn't have any fruit - but this year it looks like it will make up for it.  I counted 120 peaches and then stopped as I was getting dizzy looking up :)
So am trying to be positive - relying on the Lord and His abundant blessings - praying for all of you to do the same.  Will share pictures when the jam is made ;)  ~Maureen

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