Monday, August 31, 2015

Personal Post Monday - It's PEACH time! with a recipe!

So the last few weeks have been crazy busy with unpacking, organizing, prepping for classes and a trip to So.Cal (more on that trip later).  But in the midst of all of that - our PEACHES ripened!  The tree was amazing and we got tons - which meant I had to do something with all of them.  We picked our first two buckets on 8/15/15 -
Aren't they beautiful!!!  And I was so pleased when I opened the first one and it was cling-free!  So much easier for prepping them.  The largest ones were about 4" diameter!
Here's the kitchen getting ready for canning to begin!  Coffee is ready in the background - as I needed reinforcements.
The first thing I made was preserves.  I used to can all the time (never peaches though) - when we lived in Wisconsin - but it's been 20 years - so I kinda had to learn all over again.  My first batch was the hardest -getting all the logistics down - but after that much easier.  There are just a lot of steps to it, and lots of dirty dishes - lol!
After a couple weeks and some more picking (about 3-4 of those large paint buckets full all together - I ended up with preserves,
And jelly and sliced peaches - all canned and ready to enjoy during the coming months.  I still have about 6 dozen small peaches - the last ones off the tree and hope to freeze them today.  Wish me luck!
Friday I made my first peach dessert (we've just been eating them sliced as they are so good).  It is Tennessee Peach Pudding - and believe me it tastes as good as it looks.  It's a pretty unique recipe - I had never made anything like it.  Has a bit of a cobbler feel - but the bottom is creamy and more like a pudding consistency.  We had it hot last night with ice cream - and I had some cold with coffee this AM - just as good both ways!  You can find the recipe here -  Or follow me on PINTEREST - for tons of great recipes and craft ideas.
On a final note for this personal post Monday - I wanted to share this beautiful picture from sunset on Friday - I walked in my kitchen and it was aglow with pinky orange - so I stepped out the back door and this is what I saw - so beautiful!!!
Life is full of blessings - they are all around us - please, please don't get too busy to see them.  See you all soon - TTFN!  ~Maureen

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