Monday, August 10, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Nature in all it's glory!

Yay - it's Monday and I get to do a personal post.  I know some of you come by for the creative ideas - which I love too - but there is so much more to my life, and I'm glad I have this forum to share some of that too.  So for today's post I want to share with you some of the beauty that surrounds my home.  Paul and I took a walk this morning and then took some time to just check out the beautiful plants we have.  This first little flower bed is right outside my kitchen window.  The "angels" sign was a gift years ago from my friend Sharon Miller, and it had to travel with me to Prescott - because I LOVE IT!!
Next is just one of our lavender plants - I think we have about 18 on the property and the bees love them.  They are so pretty speckled throughout the greenery.
This morning I picked a few sprigs and bundled them to dry for sachet's in my linen closets to keep them smelling fresh through the winter months.  Paul made a little drying rack area in his tool shed for me to hang them.
Here's our front planters at the entrance to our front porch.  They are full of Marigolds.  Jenee said she did nothing, the seeds just fall from the plants, and then in spring you pull old the dead plants out which loosens the soil, water and the seeds will take root.  They are so beautiful without really any maintenance.  Plus I love this little area with the bench and "Disneyland" light - as my grandkids call it.
This was my favorite picture from the morning walk.  This is in the fenced in area that serves us both as Victorian flower garden and vegetable garden.  The previous owners left birdhouses and birdfeeders all throughout the property and I just love them.  But this one particularly because of the beautiful morning glory that has wrapped itself around the base - looks like a magazine picture to me.
Here's a bigger overview of the garden.  The sun was shining brightly, and everything just seemed so lovely to me.  There are flowers everywhere plus radishes, tomatoes, cucumbers and squash.  The flag pole in the forefront needs to be taken down and repainted - but I think that will happen next year.  So much other stuff to do this summer and fall.
Another close-up of a morning glory that found its way around our split rail fence.  I absolutely love the vibrant purple.
And finally,a close up of the Trumpet Vine on our arbor.  Last year Paul cut it way back in it's dormant season, and I was not sure it would come back - but I was wrong!  Just look at it!  The blossoms are amazing and the hummingbirds love it.  See the picture a couple above to see how it has grown over the arbor again.  Looks like we'll be cutting it back again this year.
Thanks for bearing with me - I hope you also enjoyed this beauty.  I feel so close to God when I walk out and see all the beauty in nature around me - and just had to share it.   Next Monday I'll show you some of the 'creatures' that we share our land with.  Stop back soon for some more stamping ideas!  ~Maureen

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