Monday, August 17, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Again :)

I know I have not posted for an entire week - my computer was down for over 5 days and after getting it fixed I am still catching up - so sorry :(  But last week I promised pictures of the critters we have seen around here so I'm still going to do that, and then I HOPE to get some creative posts up this week!  So first - we have amazing hummingbirds - this feeder is right outside my kitchen window and the activity is non-stop.  We saw as many as nine of them there at one time.
I am just mesmerized by them and amazed at how many different colors and types we have.
This picture really shows off some of the color of two of them as they take flight.
Then last week I saw this beautiful moth on our bug zapper - it is a Big Poplar Sphinx Moth.  It was not zapped or harmed and a short time later just flew away.  But I though it was so pretty.
 Walking down my driveway this brightly colored beetle caught my eye.  It was so gorgeous with it's orangey shell.  But when I looked it up I found out it is a tomato beetle and will eat our tomatoes (guess that's why it's that color) - but yikes.  Sent hubby out to find it, but he could not - just hoping it's not hungry!
 Then there are the butterflies.  On each side of the driveway and in the garden we have butterfly bushes and they attract such beauties - like this monarch that landed and was enjoying the nectar of the bush.
Finally wanted to share this picture of a Cicada and the nymph shell it left behind as it emerged (there are many types of Cicada - but this is the type we have here locally).  I did not see this in person - just a picture I found - but they are abundant here in the Prescott area.  In the evening as it cools you can hear them playing their "song" in the trees.  Kind of a humming, buzzing to attract those females in the area :)
So that's it for now - thanks for sticking with me.  Stop back soon!  ~Maureen

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