Friday, May 22, 2015

Mother's Day gifts....

Finally getting around to posting my Mother's Day gifts.  This year Paul and I went out to dinner earlier in the week to avoid the crowds, and then on the actual day, for the first time ever I did not see my kids or grandkids - so it was all a bit sad :(   But I was not forgotten - besides the dinner out from hubby, my daughter Heidi gave me these gifts - 1) an amazing "cloche" that she picked up at a local swap meet.  It is so vintage looking and she filled it with a pot of succulents to grace my table. The first picture is without a flash and the second with so you can see the detail a little more.
She also made me this rustic ball jar wall hanging for our new house.  It can be used for art pencils, pens, etc. or even fresh flowers.  Looking forward to finding just the right spot to place it.
And my other daughter, Jenee, sent me a beautiful card with a Spa Finder gift card - once we get settled I plan to find the perfect place to pamper myself with that.  I was planning to take pictures of the cards and post - but realized I had already packed them - lol.  This living between two homes if for the birds!  So even though I was a little lonesome - I am abundantly blessed!!!  ~Maureen

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