Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter Bonnet treat cup

A bit ago I saw a cute little bonnet made with our SU Treat Cups - of course when I wanted to find it again - I could not :(  But I think it was similar to this.  We made these at club last week and filled them with some of the Cadbury mini eggs - my fav!!!
You can see there are two layers of yellow cardstock.  The top one has the circle punched out for the treat cup, and the bottom one is in tact so it hold the candy in. 
After a little experimentation I realized the glue on the cup does not work to hold it, so I pried it apart and put in some extra glue dots, and that seems to work. 
Here is a top view - how adorable is that.  These would be so cute for a favor at Easter - or maybe a Spring Tea.  Thanks for stopping by!! ~Maureen

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