Thursday, April 19, 2012

Easter Blessings!

I LOVE Easter!!  It is the celebration of my Risen Savior - and everything about it is wonderful.  Even though my health was not fantastic - we had a houseful of people come over to celebrate and enjoy this special day.  Here is our drink station -
 And two of our eating tables all set and ready for guests -
The food was delish, weather was amazing and we had a great Easter Egg hunt in the backyard (97 eggs were hidden :) -  I was taping the hunt so don't have any still pictures to show.  But I have lots of pictures of my lovies -
Kamili, Paisley and Prince with their new pinwheels!
Kamili, Zavian and Makai posing.
Makai and our friend Scarlett
Paisley, Prince and Zamarah posing
Scarlett, Zavian, Prince and Makai
 Guess I forgot to get pictures of the adults (LOL).  But we had a lovely day - can't think of any crew I'd spend my time with!

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Shari Winterstein said...

These are great pictures of your Easter celebration with your family. I saw something very familiar on your table - I have the same glasses. They set such a pretty table. Thanks for blessing my day. :)