Saturday, April 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Hubby!! and a Get Well wish for me!

This last week was my husband, Paul's, birthday! We'll be celebrating with a little mini-vacation soon, and we'll have his birthday cake (poppy seed family recipe) on Easter Sunday. April is a big month for birthdays for us so we'll be celebrating four of them on that day. But I wanted to share a few of the cards he got. This first card was from me - it was made during a stamp camp that my daughter and I did together using our stencils (see her website at - she just posted some amazing carrots for Easter) - The second card was made by Heidi - my hubby is mister fix-it, so this was a perfect card for him. I just love how she layered the little tools!My daughter Jenee is not a stamper (can you believe it :) - but she gave Paul these amazing cards from their family -Paul is an amazing husband, father and "papa" and deserves all the love he can get - happy birthday Honey!!Finally - I want to share this lovely get well card from my friend Sandy B. She knows I am going through an ongoing battle with my health (from a tick bite over 3 years ago) and she sent me this beautiful card - thanks for thinking of me Sandy!


Dale Morin said...

All great cards! Happy birthday to Paul and I hope you are feeling better.

Penny Hanuszak said...

Maureen thanks for the B-day card share and HB wishes to Paul. Hope he had a wonderful birthday. Checked out Heidi's awesome carrots! Wow those are great and I'm sure the kid's loved them. Sorry to hear you are still having an ongoing health battle do to your tick bite. One of my bosses developed Lyme Disease after a hike in a local mountain. At that time it was very hard to diagnose and I know she suffered so much from this disease. My heart is with you.