Monday, January 10, 2011

Non-stamped project

So my Godson Brian and his wife, Jen, had a baby girl on Christmas day - welcome Morgan Lou! She also has an adorable brother Owen at home. I am so very happy for them and their Christmas angel as well as my sister Sharon who is the proud Gramma. Wish I was closer to Wisconsin to share this moment with them. Hubby and I spent some days in Prescott, AZ following Christmas and I used the time in the car both there and back to finish up this afgan for Morgan. Since they didn't find out the sex of the baby till she was born, I did all the yellow strips ahead of time and then just added the pink ones when she was born. I also had blue yarn on hand just in case :) I'm sending it off to them Monday with a cute little outfit for her. Hope you like it Morgan - know that every time you are wrapped in it, you are wrapped in my love!


Holly/Rubber Redneck said...

Beautiful Afghan!!! Congrats to them!!

Penny Hanuszak said...

Congrats to your Godson and family and you. Your afgan is gorgeous. I love these mile a minute ones they are so easy to take and work on in those idle moments. TFS!

Sharon said...

Hi Sis,
The afghan is BEAUTIFUL. I know Morgan will feel all the love you put into it every time she's wrapped in it. She's absolutely beautiful and her Big Brother Owen is pretty proud of her too. She is truly a Christmas Angel. I had such a hard time heading home after I'd been down to visit them for a few days. Grandchildren are such a blessing and fill your heart with such joy, as you well know. Now I'm up to #7 and they're all so special.
Love you Sis,

Maureen Rauchfuss said...

I've started making scarves with a loom type thing and I think I'm addicted - I'll post a picture of them soon :)