Saturday, March 27, 2010

Prince turned "5"

So our grandson Prince turned 5 last week and we celebrated with family and friends at one of his favorite places - Chuck E Cheeses! Here is the card I made him with the cupcake die from Stampin' Up! I made it to match the colors of his Superman wrapping paper. Here is our handsome boy - all proud with his Birthday Boy Crown. (note he already used the tokens that came embedded in the crown :)
And here he is right after blowing out his candles - note the Hot Wheels cupcakes -so appropriate - as he is so into cars and loves Hot Wheels.
Finally here he is at our house opening his presents. This is part of his gift from us - a big hauler truck with 17 little match box type cars and room to carry 17 more on the other side - as you can see from his reaction it was a good choice - HE LOVED IT!

1 comment:

Peggy said...

I love Prince's hat!

Isn't Chuck E. Cheese the best?! I honestly don't mind the pizza either, some of my girlfriends think I'm nuts.

I love his expression, on his present . . . priceless!