Monday, June 1, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Paisley turns "12"

I really cannot believe it!  The day Paisley was born is still such a vivid memory for me - the day I became "Gramma" - my life has never been the same.  Here she is just minutes after she was born - such a cutie - she stole my heart immediately.
For the past several years my husband has had to work at his job during Paisley's birthday celebration.  But since we both recently retired - he promised we'd celebrate with her this year - so off to Arizona we went.   She wanted Red Robin for her birthday dinner - so that is what she got!   Here she is being a goofball -
 and here is Prince photo-bombing us -
Delivery of her birthday dessert -
 And being so cute (and a little shy) during the birthday singing -
We all had a great time - family, food, fun - celebrating her 12th birthday - now if I could just slow down this growing up thing a bit.  Not sure I'm ready for her to enter the teen years next year.  Paisley - we love you so much - thank you for being such a special and wonderful grand-daughter!!!  ~Gramma

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