Saturday, June 20, 2015

Two Missing Weeks and there may be more!

Sorry all - I really can't believe that it has been two full weeks since I posted here.  I LOVE blogging - but packing to move to a different state next week - after living in a home nearly 17 years seems to have gotten the best of me  - lol.  I am so happy I retired early enough for Paul and I to have time to get this home packed up.  Just look at these rooms - all the pictures, nic-nacs, etc. - gone - the rooms echo! 
Actually having everything packed up makes it a little easier to leave - doesn't feel as much like home.  But we have a family day tomorrow for Father's day and grandkids staying all this week - so I know I will be extremely sad to leave family!! But also ready for this adventure.  Paul and I celebrated our 39th anniversary yesterday and I feel a little like I did when we were first starting out 39 years ago - this is our time!  But still soooooo much to do.  Especially moving my Stampin' Up! stuff - I truly am moving a small business - yikes!!!!  I put my craft room off till last so I had all my stuff for classes and my open house - but now I have to tackle it and this room is killing me - it seems endless.
I've been freaking out all day.  We are moving ourselves with a large U-Haul and I keep thinking there is no way everything will fit - but Hubby (who is great with spacial things) assures me it will be fine.  Here's the stuff in the garage that is ready to go.
I'm gonna try and blog a bit ahead - but please stick with me.  It's gonna take me a bit after the move to get back in the swing of things - in fact we won't even have internet hooked up for about a week :( So if I'm gone a bit - know I'll be back!  ~Maureen

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