Monday, June 29, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Gramma Day with Zamarah

So here's my other sweetie that I got to have a Gramma Day with while we were visiting Prescott in May - it's Miss Zamarah.  This amazing 5 year old keeps me on my toes!!  We started our day at Golden Corral also - and she has a sweet tooth.  She did eat - some shrimp, some potatoes - and then DESSERT!!!  This was her first cotton candy - which she ate all by herself.
Then she hit the dessert buffet again - and came back with another cotton candy that she shared with me.  And a bunch of other goodies.
When she was done she was all smiles as she posed with Gramma - that was as much sugar as I get in a month I think.
Then it was off to the park for an hour or so of playtime - swings and slides - and more swings and slides
We ended the day with a trip to the store and a Littlest PetShop gift set.  Such a nice time with a little one with unlimited spunk.  It was a day FULL of Joy!! Thanks for the fun Zamarah - love you so!! ~Gramma

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