Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Bokeh Technique in a beautiful card

As promised here is the card we made at this month's Technique Club - I have two different samples for your here - the one on the left was made and allowed to air dry and the one on the right was dried with the heat tool to speed up the process.  I like the way both turned out, but they definitely give a little different look.
At this angle you can really see the technique and the first one is sharp - but the second one is a bit more blurred like the actual bokeh photography technique looks. Then here below is the one air dried - which took a couple days -the circles of white are still pretty crisp and clear.
and hers is the one dried with the heat tool - which took a few minutes.  The circles lost their definition a little - they actually faded a lot, and I had to go back over them again with more white ink. 
Of the two I think the first version is nicer and crisper, but the second a little more water spotty - in a pinch either will work - it's still beautiful.  One of the artsy background techniques that will be a bit different every time you do it.  Let me know your thoughts!  ~Maureen
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Paula Bock said...

Beautiful card, Maureen, and such a fun technique! It was a great class and I know I will be using this technique a lot.

CariBerry said...