Monday, January 12, 2015

Christmas in Prescott - Personal Post Monday :)

Today just want to share some of the memories we made in Prescott with the family - for those that don't care - see you next time - but this blog has become an amazing memory keeper for me - so sometimes on Mondays - this is what I do :)
Birthday Cake for Jesus - Paisley and Prince
New PJs and video games - Prince, Zavian, Kyan, Makai, Heidi and Zamarah
Craziness - Prince, Makai, Kyan, Jenee and Zavia
But so much fun - Prince, Makai, Paisley and Kamili
Happy with her Presents - Makai and Jenee
Sick little Zamarah - but still part of the fun!
Kamili and Papa
 We took a little trip to a local set-up of Christmas displays -
Jenee, Heidi, Paisley, Zamarah, Makai, Prince, Zavian, Kyan, Papa and Kamili
One of the best parts of the week (besides family and Christmas of course) was an amazing day of snow - 6 1/2" total and it was the most beautiful snowfall - huge flakes - great for snowmen, snow-angels and snowball fights!
Front yard the day before the snow.
Pretty much the same shot part way through the storm - so pretty!
Blessings of the season.
 Hope you're Christmas holiday period was wonderful - before you know it Christmas 2015 will be here.  ~Maureen

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