Monday, July 28, 2014


Just to let you know - today's post is ALL about grandkids :)  I love these 7 little ones sooooo much - and just can't get enough of them.  The beginning of July Jenee was home visiting so we tried to all spend time together.  Took the five middle kids to Chuck E Cheese's for a fun time of play, pizza and ice cream
Zavian, Zamarah, Kamili, Prince and Makai
 Heidi's kiddos spend the night - here they are coloring and creating!
Kamili and Zavian
Pudgy little Kyan with his sling for his broken collarbone.
Then we had Popcorn and juice and a movie night -
Makai and Prince
Kamili and Zavian
Kyan finding all the dropped pieces :)
Paisley and Zamarah watching the movie.
 While here Paisley and Jenee had a special day at Magic Mountain to celebrate Paisley's moving up to middle school  She brought back these capes for herself and siblings.
Paisley, Prince and Zamarah
Paisely, Prince and Zamarah - looks like Zam is going to have to grow into hers.
Great time - great fun - great kiddos.  Love them so.  ~Gramma

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