Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gramma Day with Zamarah

So in November I had my first official full Gramma day with Zamarah - she got to pick what she wanted to do - so the first stop was at a local Pizzaria - note that the pizza zlice was almost as big as her - LOL.
Then she wanted to go to the park and feed the ducks - she got a little freaked out at one point when there were about 100 ducks and geese around her - but for the most part she loved it.
Then of course - we played - the jungle gym, the merry-go-round and her fav - the swings!!
Then we spent time at Gramma's snuggling and watching a movie, coloring and journaling. Before heading home we stopped for ice cream treats - and brought them home to share with Jenee, Paisley and Prince.
Fun day - now that she's in AZ - I'm going to really have to plan these Gramma days :)  But I'm sure I can do it.  Love you baby girl!  ~Gramma

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