Sunday, May 26, 2013

Fun day with Zav and Zam

So last week I had my first Gramma Day with my little 3 year olds Zavian and Zamarah - no their not twins - but cousins who really love each other.  We had such a fun time together.  Here are the two of them playing on play area at the mall.
Posing in the the hollow log -
And then it was off to have ice cream - Zav picked Cotton candy ice cream with gummy bears -
Zamarah chose Strawberry ice cream with M&M's -
Here's Gramma with each of them at the end of our day.
Now they get into the rotation for Gramma days, and next time will each get a special day of their own - can't wait!!  Nothing better than being a Gramma.  ~Maureen

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Christel said...

What a great group of photos! You need to frame the one of you and Zav, you both have great smiles in that one.