Sunday, August 19, 2012

Big Weekend with the Jones

Last weekend turned out to be very busy with Jenee's kids. - lot going on.  First Zamarah had a Luau at her preschool - look how cute she is in her little Hawaiin dress. I went there for a little bit - but had to leave with Paisley.
Zamarah happy with Prince in the background.
Took her over to Pacific Camps where she was performing in their Musical Theater - she was Mama Bear.  Jenee and the other kids caught up with a us bit before the performance.   Paisley did an amazing job - had a quite a few lines and NAILED them.  She seemed to be not nervous at all.   Way to go Pais!!
Here she is with Papa Bear.
Striking a Mama Bear pose before the performance.  How cute is she.
And here she is with Baby Bear.
Then Prince and I had our "Gramma Day"   First we went to the movies - Ice Age 3 - very cute movie.  Here's my handsome guy in the lobby of the theater.
Then we went to McDonald's and he got his fav - a chicken McNugget Happy Meal with a Vanilla Shake.  Normally we would have gone to a sit down restaurant of his choice and ate there. 
But earlier Prince had used his money plus a little from Gramma and bought this....
He is ADDICTED to Legos and especially to Ninjago.  So his plan was to get food and get to Gramma's as fast as possible so he could put it together. So that is what we did.  Fun day and a happy boy!!  ~Maureen

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