Sunday, July 8, 2012

Mother's Day Gift

I know it's July - but I wanted to share my Mother's Day gift from Heidi this year.  First is this amazing card.  It uses the new "Papaya Collage" set - which I hated in the catalog - and of course, now I love it!
 Next is the scrapbook page of her kiddos that she made for me. 
It fits perfectly in this shadow box frame -
So here is the picture she made me last year - when I get a new one - I take last year's out, but have not had a place to store them well, as they are a bit 3D.
So this year she also decorated this beautiful tin for me to keep the older pages in - how great is that!!
Everything was so pretty.  I am certainly blessed to have such wonderful daughters and amazing grand-kids.
For more of Heidi's amazing work check out her blog -
Thanks for stopping by - Maureen

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