Saturday, June 30, 2012

Creative Journals

My downline group has started using Creativity Journals for a quarterly meeting exercise.  I got the idea at Leadership - and loved it.  Each quarter we assign a creativity exercise, and my downline participates as they can.  So for the first assignment - we were asked to add creative quotes to our journal (10 of them) and to create a cover for our journals.  At the meeting we went around the room and shared some of the quotes that really inspired us.  There were some really terrific quotes.  Only two people so far, have shared how they decorated their journals - so I wanted to share those with you today.
The first is Heidi's -
 And the second is Kathy B's -
Aren't they great!! I have to get mine done - maybe I'll have chance to work on it this weekend.  Hopefully I'll get to post it soon.   Our next challenge is to make a monochromatic page in the journal using their least favorite color.  Will be fun to see what they come up with!!  Stamp away your day - see you soon!  ~Maureen

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