Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween - Part I

Halloween - Part I - sounds like the beginning of a series of scary movies - huh!!  Well - if you don't want to be scared  turn back - turn back while you can!!  Too late -  - this scary creature is ME!!  Took me a while to do the makeup.  On Monday when I wore this to work I FREAKED my students out.  I don't think anyone recognized me - which I think is good.  Glad to know I don't look like this every day :)
 We went to a Halloween party at our neighbor's too - I was the monster above; and Paul was a Lumberjack and yes that is a real ax.  It scared me that he carried it - but he taped the edges up and was careful to not let it out of his sight.  Next year - no weapons.


Hateriffic said...

Oh My Gosh... Great job on the make-up
you look great!

Christel said...

I love that you guys dressed up, you both looked great!

Unknown said...

Oh my goodness! I am so sorry that I missed you on Halloween! You did a great job on your make-up (I almost said you looked great, but that just didn't sound right - LOL).