Sunday, December 5, 2010

More memories of Thanksgiving

Hi all - sorry for my absence. I have been sick - all week - most of last week and two weeks before that. My immunities are pretty much wiped out right now - says my infectious meds Dr. - but hope is on the way. I'll post soon what I have and how we're going to treat it. But in the meantime - here are a few more memories from Thanksgiving - which seems so long ago already.

Isn't this adorable - Zamarah wanted sooooo badly to be out playing with the older kids - she's got her boots on and her nose pressed against the window - just longing to be out there :)But she never made it - she did settle for playing with Zavian inside though and they had a great time. I also wanted to share these adorable little Thanksgiving turkeys that Paisley and Prince made for all the little ones. One of Prince's is on the left and Paisley's on the right. Their Mom looked all over for candy corn to use for the tail feathers, but to no avail - but she came across these Mike and Ike's and they worked just fine. The two of them had fun making them, and all the kiddos had fun eating them. Thanks Paisley and Prince!

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