Saturday, July 10, 2010

Father's Day with Papa

On Sunday my hubby picked up Prince and took him to local car show. They had a great time checking out the cars as well as a nearby railroad museum. Not sure what this pose was but I think he was having a good time. He fell in love with this little tear-drop trailer at the show, and the lady who owned it was kind emough to let him crawl in and check it out, as well as take a picture of Papa and Prince together. They had a great "boys" time out together.

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Anonymous said...

How Special is that! the little Prince (le Petit Prince...find the book in English). Is growing up so fast! I am glad now he will have a boy cousin he can be with (soon...)Too many girls in the family...Right Paul?
ps...leaving on vacation tomorrow...see you with photos on Facebook...and when I get back.