Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome Home Baby Zavian

So Heidi brought Zavian home on Sunday, March 28th and he got to meet his sisters and cousins and Papa. Here is Heidi with Zavian and Jenee with Zamarah. Heidi looks tired (no sleep in the hospital the night before) but great. Can't believe both of my girls had babies just 5 weeks apart. Here is Kamili just beaming - holding "her" baby - but she said she'd share him. She has been waiting for him to "get out" forever :)

And here is Makai with Zavian - she just keeps saying "I love baby!" I think they look a lot alike in this picture - just the way she is holding her head. But he definately looks like his Daddy.
Here is Zavian meeting his Papa - we feel so blessed being Gramma and Papa to SIX wonderful grandbabies.

Here we layed the babies next to each other in the crib. Zamarah is definately older - but not much bigger. Zavian was not happy during this photo shoot - he just wanted someone to hold him.
And here he is voicing his displeasure. Zamarah just looks like she can't figure out what his issue is! They are amazing!

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