Monday, August 20, 2018

Alaskan Cruise - Day 5

And the fun continues - this was a day pretty much at sea and this was the first sight I had off my balcony in the morning  - look at that great layer of fog!
 Shortly after this we entered the Tracy Arm Fjord - and as our ship went around - we were surrounded by pure beauty.  There were mountain goats up there - but so far away I could not zoom in enough to get them.  But you can see the stream coming down the hill - so amazing.
All around us were chunks of blue ice.  They say it is blue from being so very crystal clear, all of the ice crystals have been pressed out and it reflects the sky causing it to seem blue.  It was surreal.
The next two pictures are of glacier fields - so much ice right in the midst of the mountains.  So much beauty to be seen.
 After leaving Tracy Arm -we had the rest of the day at sea.  So we spent some time down in base camp chatting with other demonstrators, spinning to win a prize -
 and eating a few sweets.  These bins (and several other tables full of bins) were filled with sweet treats daily for us.
 I'm pretty sure this was the night I tried escargot - just because I could :)  It was offered as one of the appetizers every night - and actually was really pretty yummy.  Not a lot of flavor on it's own, so just really tasted the butter and garlic - can't go wrong there.  The texture was a little like mushrooms, not disgusting at all.  And see that cup of coffee!  The assistant for our table got to know me real quickly and each night I barely sat down before the coffee cup was there filled to rim, and he kept it filled through the entire meal.  Wish I could have brought him home with me lol!
 Another picture of some of the amazing desserts we enjoyed - this night was Baked Alaska and Creme Brulee!
 Of course back in our room - more pillow gifts.  In the box was a bluetooth Speaker! 
 And then this little guy - just waiting for us to return.  Everyone took such good care of us the entire cruise.
 See you in a couple days with Day 6 - next post will be some stamping!  Tata for now - Maureen

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