Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Alaskan Cruise Day 3

So the adventure continues - after breakfast we walked around the ship a bit.  Here is a picture of the promenade level featuring cafe's and shopping - plus some bands, etc. at night time. 
The lights were pretty constantly changing color which just made it seem more festive.
We stopped down at Base Camp where each day we could spin for a prize (I'll show you all those in a future post).  But we were also encouraged to make a sign of one thing Stampin' Up! has allowed us to do.  I had to put friends - because even though I get great gifts, and earn wonderful trips - it's the day to day stamping with new (and old) creative friends that keeps me staying with the company!
Here we are pulling into Juneau -
And here is a picture of their sky tram in town - and no I did not ride it - I have a fear of heights.  But I can imagine the views were spectacular.
Here's downtown where we perused the shops, had some coffee and walked around just enjoying the beauty of the area.
At night we stopped by one of the lounges to hear a group from the Philippines doing some great country music.
Finally - back to our rooms - and back to this wonderful Merry Christmas to all bundle as a pillow gift for Day 3. 
Nighty - night - see you all soon. ~Maureen

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