Monday, August 13, 2018

Alaskan Cruise Day 4

Day 4 began with pure beauty as we headed into Skagway -
Below are two different views of the area right from dock where our ship was -
Paul and I had made this trip once before for our 30th anniversary - and that time we took the train you can see on the left side of the picture.  This time we opted out - but everyone should do it once in a lifetime - it was amazing.  The ship you see on the right was not ours.  It was the Radiance of the Sea and even larger than ours which is hard to imagine.
This time we opted to check out the town itself, and learn some of the amazing history.  At this little museum we were able to see a wonderful documentary on the Gold Rush that was really eye-opening as to what people went through.
The town itself was amazingly historic.  The buildings were fascinating - and the back drop of those mountains awe inspiring.
 We walked the town, did a little shopping, stopped for some great coffee of course, and just simply enjoyed the day.  The weather was beautiful for the entire trip - 70's and 80's every day.
This was the view walking back up to our ship dock.
Back on the ship before dinner we explored a bit - and I was able to take in a poolside screening of "A Wrinkle In Time" while Paul took an afternoon nap.  I've got to tell you - the book is my all time favorite and I have read it so many times.  I thought I would not like the movie as it is a quite a bit different than the book - but I loved it.  Not sure what moved me, but I was crying like a baby before was over. The people around me must have thought I was crazy - because I did not see anyone else cry.  Oh Well - I still loved it!
In the evening Paul and I were able to take in another show after dinner -
And before returning to our cabin to find another amazing Pillow Gift.  A beautiful woven blue throw and some great little Stamping embellishments.
Another wonderful day.  Stop back in a couple days to see our Day 5 adventures.  ~Maureen

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