Friday, October 28, 2016

FUN with the Girl Scouts!

So recently I had the opportunity to stamp with a group of Brownie and Junior age girl scouts.  They were working toward a badge and as part of that I had them make these monogrammed photo albums.  The are the $1 - $2 plastic albums you can find at many stores.  We removed the front and back printed inserts and made inserts of our own.  Then added their own monogram initial to the front.
Inside they can keep all their picture memories of their scouting activities.  On the back insert I printed this page where they could fill in their name and troop number - along with a phrase from a popular Girl Scout song.
There were 20 girls making the project - so we had several different design options to choose from - Design 1 above, Design 2 below -
Design 3 -
And design 4 -
Each design used flowers and leaves from different sets, and different colored stamp pads - in a collage type pattern.  The girls seemed to love the craft - and I loved creating with them.  My only regret is that I didn't think to take a picture of the group with their creations :(  Thanks for having me stamp with you Troop #28!  ~Maureen

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Paula said...

Great project, Maureen! I may have a lead on a party for girl scouts...mind if I copy? It's perfect!