Saturday, October 1, 2016

North to Alaska....

Hi All - We recently learned that the next incentive trip that Stampin' Up! will be allowing us to earn is a cruise to ALASKA!  and guess what - I wanna go!  So my motivation to earn this trip - will mean lots and lots of specials for my customers.  The earning period is Oct. 1, 2016 through September 30, 2017.  So hang on to your hats - this year is going to be a bumpy, amazing ride!!
So to start off - beginning Oct. 1, 2016 I am launching a new incentive program for my customers for this earning period - every time you purchase $25 from me (pre S&H/tax) you will earn ALASKAN LOOT, each time you attend a class you will earn ALASKAN LOOT, each time you hostess a workshop in the year earning period you will earn ALASKAN LOOT, each time you refer a new customer to me who attends a class or purchases from me you will earn ALASKAN LOOT - plus I'll add more possibilities for earning as time goes on.  Watch for full details coming by mid-October: but just know - you will EARN beginning Oct. 1 whether or not all details have been posted.  This LOOT will be redeemable from me for any purchase or event I hold, and it can accumulate.  You won't have to keep track - I will - and anytime you want to see what you've accumulated - just let me know.  I've developed an excel spreadsheet to keep track.  
PLUS - anyone who has earned any ALASKAN LOOT during the year will be invited to join me for a special 'NORTH TO ALASKA' party that will be held September of 2017 - IF I earn the trip!!  For those who help me earn it - this will be FREE event - with giveaways, fun, food, BINGO, stamping and more!  Plus special prizes for the my top FIVE helpers!!!  So get ready to STAMP and PARTY!

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