Sunday, June 19, 2016

Happy Father's Day! and 40 years! married

Happy Father's day to my amazing husband - he has been there for all of through good times and bad.  An amazing father -
Jenee - Paul - Heidi
 And an amazing grandfather to his seven grand kids -
Heidi - Paisley - Makai - Paul - Prince - Jenee - Zamarah - Zavian and Kyan
And here's our crew last November - It includes Heidi's husband, Aaron, who is also a terrific father to four of my grandchildren!  So happy he's our son-in-law!
Both our Dad's are gone and in heaven - but we miss them tremendously!  They were loving and caring - and always there for us - hope they know how much we love them.

And on another note - today is our 40th wedding anniversary!  Honey - I have loved you forever and always will.  Thanks for being such a terrific guy and taking this journey by my side.  Here's to 40 more!!
me and my forever sweetie
 Love you, Maureen

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