Monday, December 7, 2015

Personal Post Monday - Random stuff :)

So just gonna throw out some random thoughts today - little things I want to post - but haven't had time.  I'm loving retirement - but so busy.  The good thing is that it is busy with fun stuff.  I've been crocheting - a lot!  I don't know if I shared this baby blanket on here - don't think so - but I loved the way it turned out.  Since I made this have also made 5 Christmas gifts (which I'll share after Christmas), an afghan for a friend, and a few snowflake ornaments. 
I also purchased a Christmas cactus.  When we were in Wisconsin my sister had a huge beautiful one, and my hubby was reminded his Mom always had one - so when I saw them on sale - I had to get one.  Now I hope I can keep it alive and blooming.
This is the newest member of our household - Hello Kitty.  Those of you who follow me on instagram has probably seen my pictures of her yarn mazes.  She has her own yarn ball that I probably roll up about 10 times a day, and then she creates amazing webs of yarn all over our house.  She especially likes to drag it up stairs, drop it down through the railing and then run up with it again.  She is truly a lot of fun - and so pretty.
Then yesterday we got our tree up and decorated.  Not much else up - but will work on that today.  Took this picture last night around 10PM as I sat in a dark living room with just the tree lights on - one of my favorite things to do as I have my prayer time.  Hope you are all getting ready for your Christmas season, and enjoying all the blessings it has to offer. 
I'll be back soon with more stamping creativity - see you then!! ~Maureen

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