Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cute Club Project

So here's the cute little project we made at club this month - a Magic Treat Holder - its a great way to present a treat to someone you want to have a great day!  It's a simple long, thin, box - closed on one end only.  Punch a hole throw both layers on the open end, and decorate how you like.
The we added some beautiful ribbon long enough to go the entire length of the box, and enough at the end to tie in a bow.  Fold the ribbon in half, place the candy in the inside crease of the fold.  Then using the candy bar, push the ribbon into the box till the candy bar no longer shows - then tie your bow.  Since the ribbon goes around the candy, as you pull on the bow, the candy bar comes out like magic.
Fun, huh?  Enjoy making your own little magic treat holders.  ~Maureen

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