Sunday, February 17, 2013

Showing some love....

Today I want to share some beautiful cards I've received recently.  Many of you know I went through knee surgery last week for a torn meniscus and cyst removal.  I have been in pain for many months and could hardly walk - and now I feel wonderful!!!  Here are a few cards I received in my recovery -
Beautiful card from Kathy B.  I love the partial circle of piercing - will have to CASE this one.
How cute is this - adorable card from Sandy B.  Thanks for thinking of me.
Another card from Kathy B. - she's gotta know my favorite color is yellow :)
This was a very special Valentine I received from my Sis Sharon in Wisconsin. It included a Starbucks gift card - does she know me or what!?!!  I can't wait to go pick up a special treat with it!
 Thank you all for thinking of me - I so appreciate your thoughts, prayers and friendships!  ~Maureen

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