Monday, February 18, 2013

Great Day with my Makai

Saturday I had a wonderful day with such a sweetie - my grand-daughter Makai!  We started the day at Build-a-Bear.
 Then had a wonderful outdoor lunch at the Cheesecake Factory -
The waitress snapped this picture of the two of us together after I told her that we were having a special Gramma/Makai day!
After lunch she wanted to go to the Apple Store to play on the kids Ipads they had - this girl is all about technology!  Here she is sitting outside on the fountain while we enjoyed the February upper 70's!
After all of this we went back to Gramma's and journaled and drew in her special journal - then later ended the day with Ice cream and  gummy bears that we took back to her house to share with her sister and brother.  I absolutely love my Gramma days with each of my grand-kids - it is a great time to really get to know their wonderful personalities!!!  Looking forward to next month with another little sweetie!!  ~Maureen

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