Monday, January 16, 2012

Fun Christmas Chain

So right before Christmas we had a fun day with all of the grand babies over.  We were just giving the girls some time to go out and finish all their last minute shopping.  It was just a fun day - as it always is with the kiddos.
Here are Makai and Paisley working on  making a pretty Christmas chain to add to Gramma's decorations.  I just cut strips of  left over wrapping paper (1" x 6") and gave them my 2 sided tape and let them have fun.  They did a great job.
Here are Zamarah and Kamili working on their part of the chain.  No matter what I tried I could not get Zamarah to look at me for a picture.  You can see Kamili was really amused.
The "boys" however wanted nothing to do with making the chain.  Prince headed right for the Wii to play Mario Bros.  and I thought this was so cute - Zavian picked up the extra remote and sat right next to Prince for over an hour "playing".  Actually his remote was not working at all - but he thought it was and had a great time - just being there by Prince.  I love it!
They all bring such joy to my life - I am so blessed!  ~Maureen

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Jackie Strange said...

Such a sweet group of little ones, you are blessed!