Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Maui Elite SU! Incentive Trip! Day 3

Hi all - if you want creative posts - I will try to get some in - but over the next 10 days I'm going to be posting about the awesome Stampin' Up! Maui Elite trip I was able to earn thanks to all my wonderful and supportive customers and team.  I did this for Greece two years ago, and still love those posts - so please - bear with me.

Day 3 - Monday, May 17, 2021

Today started out with a grab and go breakfast from SU!, as many of us were headed out on excursions.   Coffee, Croissant hot sandwiches, yougurt, juice and an apple pie pastry.
At 8AM we met up for an excursion courtesy of SU! "Taste of Maui" that took us up the left side of the island.  Our tour driver, Jared, explained that Maui is like a woman on her side (he said Dolly Parton) and we were going up her head toward Lahaina.
This is a shot of the mountains as we were driving - he stated that the clouds come in from the northeast every day - and that the east side of the mountains can get up to 400 inches of rain each year - it then dissipates and the west side can get as little as 20 inches each year.  Leaving the east sides lush and green and the west sides brown and susceptible to fires.
Our first stop was the Kuia Estate Cacao Guided Farm & Chocolate Tasting - here the guide is showing new growth on the cacao trees - they are so soft like fine material.  Each year the leaves get tougher and more leather as they stay on the tree.
Below is a picture of the ripe cacao fruit hanging on the tree. It grows from the trunk and old growth - no fruit on new branches.
Here are the small blossoms that turn into that large fruit - you can see they grow right on the trunk and branches.
We took a trail - and my back held out okay - here he cut open a ripe freshly picked fruit and explained the drying process from seeds to nibs to powder.

Then we climbed 18 stairs (not easy, but I did it) up to what he calls the treehouse  - Wonderful view.  
We got to try some of the newly opened cacao fruit - each of us got a seed pod - the outside was sweet and tender like a tropical fruit, and the seed was crunchy and nutty and a bit bitter.  No hint of cacao.
Then came the chocolates - we each got to sample 9 different dark chocolates; and dark milk chocolates and they were delicious.  Paul and I both agreed that the darkest one made from their cacao plants was the best, followed closely by a dark chocolate with a hint of lime - an unexpected favorite in the group.
Then back on the bus as we headed over to Punakea Palms Coconut Tour & Tasting - a Coconut Palm grove.  This small business is run by a young hubby/wife team that were hit hard by COVID - but are now back open and hopeful.  Here the owner tells some amazing facts about coconuts -
And we were able to get a iced coffee with coconut milk that tasted heavenly - really bold and yummy with a hint of sweetness from the coconut.
By this time my back was not doing great - so Jared our driver, myself and my new friend, Laurie Kraus took a breather and chatted about local sites and cuisine; while the rest walked around.  The paths were gravel and a little unstable, so better safe than sorry!
We finished our tour with lunch at Honu's - open air seating - great view of the ocean.

The food was really delish!  Amazing coffee and she kept my cup filled which is important to me.  Paul had a OpakapAka (also know as Hawaiian Pink Snapper) Dore with Quinoa, and he loved it.

I had the Shrimp Louie salad - and it was soooo good -
Then finished with a dessert of a mini raspberry lemon meringue on a light crispy sugar cookie.
Got back to the hotel and chatted with a couple demonstrator friends - then up to the room to find this little gem.  My pillow gift tonight - a VISA gift card!  Will probably use for meals over the next couple days as we explore - how very nice of SU!
For dinner Paul ran down to a little food truck parked on the beach at the resort - tacos ($8-9 each lol) and chips and salsa - $8; all together just under $50.  So the gift card will come in handy.  It was all very good and we enjoyed some of that red wine Paul picked up yesterday at the ABC store.  
Then feet up and ice on the back on the lanai; this time wine for the left hand and coffee for the right - what could be better.
Night time - another beautiful evening - warm trade winds and birds chirping.

See you tomorrow ~Maureen

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