Monday, April 6, 2020

Monday Funday - Challenge #3 - set challenge and contest!

Monday Funday - Challenge #3 and contest!

Thank you so much to everyone who played along with my challenges the last couple weeks!  So much fun and such great cards!!  Let's keep the fun going - this week's challenge is a little different - I want you to go to your stamps - and find one you have never used and create a card with it.  Of course you are on your honor with this - but I trust you.  If you've used all your sets (you are my hero), then pick one you have not used a lot.

Challenge #2 -  So here is the deal - your card does not have to use Stampin' Up! products - although I would LOVE that.   Once done, you need to go to my facebook page search Crazy Stamping Lady - like the page if you have not done so; and post your picture of your card in the comments of the Challenge #3 Post. Here's the link to my FACEBOOK page - click HERE.

So I have my sets alphabetically and I just went down the line -the first one I have never used was this one - 
So I pulled it out and here is what I came up with - 
Now it's your turn - pick  your set - make your card - and post to my Facebook page no later than Noon, Sunday, April 12th for a chance to win a sheet of self-adhesive SU! sequins - good luck!  Can't wait to see all your cards.    ~Maureen

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