Sunday, March 19, 2017

Easter Card Follow up

So during the Stampin Friend Blog Hop - I shared my Easter card - you can see it as the last image in this post.  But I need several to send out, and as much as I love stamping and creating - I am not good at doing tons of the same thing.  I just need to change it up a little.  So today I am sharing two more samples - with basically all the same materials - but just a slightly different look. 
Sample 1 - with two butterflies punched - pearls and gems.
Sample 2 - with one large butterfly die-cut and gems.
Original (sorry so washed out - you can see it better HERE) with a smaller butterfly die-cut and gems.
I think they are actually all very pretty - springy - Eastery :)  Sometimes it's fun to just switch it up a bit.  Stop back soon for some more creative ideas! ~Maureen

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